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Hope Consultants

Lifting up good ideas and the people behind them


Our Mission:

Discover who you are, and tell the world.

About Erica

"Erica is a natural born leader, serving as both a practitioner and teacher of great customer service. She leads by example and has the unique ability to communicate strategy in ways that everyone understands. Her strong interpersonal skills coupled with an engaging personality make her a standout among her peers."


- Business Owner in Philadelphia, PA

Marketing and brand strategy for single proprietors to mid-size companies

Take the idea you love

To the next level

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Perfectly customized to you and your business needs

Client Engagement

Add value. Expand. Repeat.

Business Development

Ensure longevity through smart, practical systems, and strategic changes.

Marketing + Branding

Build a brand that reflects the business that you are. Share that message

with the world.

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The Body Concierge


Build company infrastructure and client base.


  • DEVELOP ONLINE PRESENCE - Design, update, and build website. Build, manage and maintain social media accounts.

  • DEVELOP INFRASTRUCTURE - Design and create business cards, flyers, bi-weekly newsletters, brochures, and press kits.

  • CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY - Forge and cultivate relationships with local health and wellness experts. Present business to Chamber of Commerce. Plan, coordinate and promote events with local partners

  • SPREAD THE WORD - procured placement in Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer and The Blue Paper. Promoted and executed launch of a group coaching program, selling out seats for the first cohort.

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