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OUR MISSION: Elevate food and beverage concepts by providing creative solutions to operational problems. 

Do you have a concept you would like to create, refine or grow? Let us help you meet your goal. Information and examples of our work is below.

About Our Founder

"Erica is a natural born leader, serving as both a practitioner and teacher of great customer service. She leads by example and has the unique ability to communicate strategy in ways that everyone understands. Her strong interpersonal skills coupled with an engaging personality make her a standout among her peers."

Build an engaging and

Productive Team



Perfectly customized to you, and your restaurant's needs

Talent Acquisition + Training

Acquire great talent. Reduce turnover. Create a culture of growth.

Operations + Opening

Marketing + Online Presence

Ensure an incredible opening and build systems to keep momentum flowing.

Introduce your concept to the world + Leverage awareness to grow sales.

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The Body Concierge


  • Build company infrastructure and client base.


  • Design and build website. Update regularly.

  • Build, manage and maintain social media accounts.

  • Design and create business cards, flyers, brochures and speaker descriptions.

  • Spend two weeks onsite. Forge and cultivate relationships with local health and wellness experts.Plan, coordinate and promote events with local partners

  • Present business to Key West Chamber of Commerce.

  • Design, draft and send bi-weekly e-newsletters. Design, draft and send press releases for new programs. Procure placement in local newspapers, local events e-newsletters and radio talk shows.

  • Create meetups and schedule social media posts. Draft and send e-vite invitations to clients



from Clients

Commonly asked questions and answers within the F&B space coming soon!



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